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Hi dear developers,

I've just bought your game here, but I see that on Steam there seems to be a newer version out, the 1.8.20 beta with bugs fixed and additional features. Could you update the game here on itch too please? Thanks!

Hi, Thanks for your patience. There's supposed to be an updated feature built into the game. Can you double check your current game version and see if it matches? If it does not we will look into this.

I bought the game a bit ago and then find it is not for Windows?  I have Windows 10, on which I would like to play it.

Try installing Adobe Air as it is a dependency for this game.

Hello, been playing this game on my Surface Pro 3 and I loved it!
This said, oddly enough, I cannot run it on my desktop PC? When I tried to boot it there, I only got a black screen :(

Still love the game and looking at some files structure, I wonder if the issue is not with the steam install of it so I'm considering whether buying this version for my desktop might not solve some issues.

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Thanks for the feedback.  We'll try to get you sorted out if you email us at: contact |at|